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XL Marble Golden Pothos Cuttings


  • (2) XL Golden Marble Pothos cuttings that will need to be put in water to grow roots
  • Plant Care Guide included in with each plant ordered
  • Also known as: Devil’s Ivy, Taro Vine, Ceylon Creeper, Ivy Arum, Hunter’s Robe
  • Botanical name: Epipremnum aureum
  • Your Plant: The Golden Pothos is the symbol of happiness and is a gorgeous vining plant. With resistance to almost all pests and diseases, it is a perfect option for gardeners with a brown thumb. They are prolific growers that produce gorgeous cascading vines to the floor, and can even climb their way up to the ceiling!
SKU: XL-marble-golden-pothos-cuttings Availability: Out of stock
Availability: Out of stock


Instructions: Once received, place your cutting(s) in a glass of water, keeping the nodes under the waterline; replace water once a week. Once each cutting has 1-inch roots from the node, they are ready to be planted in soil. The rooting process takes 1-3 weeks with proper care, but keep in mind you get to enjoy watching them grow!

Sunlight: Medium to bright indirect sunlight, but can live in lower light conditions

Watering: Each week or when the top inch of soil has dried out.

In the case that there are issues with your plant upon arrival, please let us know within 2 days of delivery. Note our pictures are representations of what you will receive and that your cuttings will vary in size and color – making each of them unique for their new home!

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