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Swiss Cheese Monstera Adansonii Cuttings


  • This listing is for (2) Swiss Cheese Monstera Adansonii cuttings that will need to be put in water to grow roots
  • Plant Care Guide included in with each plant ordered
  • Also known as: Adanson’s Monstera, Swiss Cheese Plant, Five Holes Plant
  • Botanical name: Monstera adansonii
  • Your Plant: The Swiss Cheese Plant is one of the many varieties of Monsteras. These beautiful and unique climbers are known for their striking, perforated green leaves. Native to the jungles of Central and South America, these beauties grow in the wild under the coverage of trees, making them perfect for those indirectly-lit spaces in your home.
SKU: Swiss Cheese Monstera Adansonii Cuttings Availability: Out of stock
Availability: Out of stock


Instructions: Once received, place your cutting(s) in a glass of water and watch them grow their roots. Once each cutting has 1-inch roots from the node, they are ready to be planted in soil. The rooting process takes 1-3 weeks with proper care, but keep in mind you get to enjoy watching them grow!

Sunlight: Indirect sunlight

Watering: Each week or when the top inch of soil has dried out. Water thoroughly until the soil is saturated and excess water is fully drained.

In the case that there are issues with your plant upon arrival, please let us know within 2 days of delivery. Note our pictures are representations of what you will receive and that your cuttings will vary in size and color – making each of them unique for their new home!

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