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Spider Plant Pup


  • (1) Spider Plant Pup
  • Plant Care Guide included in with each plant ordered
  • Also known as: Airplane plant, Ribbon plant, St. Bernard’s lily, Hen and chickens, Spider ivy
  • Botanical name: Chlorophytum comosum
  • Your plant: Spider plants have good adaptability, simple maintenance and has the function of air purification. These plants are a great option for a brown thumb and have resistance to almost all pests and diseases.
SKU: Rooted-spider-plant-pup Availability: Out of stock
Availability: Out of stock


Instructions: Place the base of your Spider Pup in water for 2-3 days to help the roots grow out. Once white roots are visible, plant in soil and water thoroughly.

Sunlight: Medium to bright indirect light indoors or partial shade outdoors

Watering: Each week or when the top inch of soil has dried out. Water thoroughly until the soil is saturated and excess water is fully drained.

In the case that there are issues with your plant upon arrival, please let us know within 3 days of delivery. Note our pictures are representations of what you will receive and that your cuttings will vary in size and color – making each of them unique for their new home!

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