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Give me the Deets

Hello friends!

My love for plants began years ago while living in Tennessee, my childhood home state. With my parents’ passion and entrepreneurship in owning their own landscaping company, I was blessed to be surrounded by plant-beauty throughout my youth.

It wasn’t until my husband and I moved into our first house here in Florida, that my passion for plants was revived again. I began supporting local plant shops on what seemed like on a weekly basis, and soon after I was dabbling in propagation. This brought me so much joy, that before I knew it I was gifting my propagated plants to friends and family when possible.

Earlier this year, I decided I was ready to share this passion beyond my loved ones. Upon realization that there are many like-minded people wanting to grow their own plants, Flora Revival was born. This shop is meant to share plant-love from my home to yours, and I could not be more excited that you are here!

I hope you enjoy our site, but more importantly, enjoy our plants propagated with love, and you in mind.


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